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Lover Shopping® is Dr. Gallatin's approach to meeting whom you want in your everyday life, whether at a supermarket, a bar, or a business meeting, regardless of your current or past situation and personal constraints. Be your own matchmaker and snag who you secretly want. Be relaxed, and feel safe, knowing you will be able to put any rejection in perspective and move on at any time.

There have never been so many singles, and meeting who you want has never been so challenging.
Dr. Gallatin's approach allows you to talk to anyone even when there is no specific focus (sports, a lecture, or a show) and comfortably leave when you feel like it on your terms.

What could be more natural than meeting someone in your everyday life? But, unfortunately, most of us think of meeting someone (at a party, a bar, or a business activity) yet complaining that there is no one at these activities for us and wondering where all the desirable possibilities can be found. Dr. Gallatin says there is no right time or place to meet who you are looking for. The best time to meet someone is when you see that person, regardless of where it is. Then, whether you approach the person or you are approached, all you have to do is smile and say hello to get the ball rolling.

After reading Lover Shopping® you will know how to attract who you want. You will have the confidence to make something happen in a chance encounter. You will meet more possibilities, in more places, than you ever imagined. You will meet good candidates even when time is short, the situation is not ideal, and the other person doesn't quite know what to do.

You can be a social success even if you are not a rock star or haven't done so well lately. In my book AlwaysWin®, I defined social success this way: "You are a social success when you can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and walk away whenever you want without fearing rejection."

When you are a social success, you can comfortably circulate at a party or the public square and be yourself when unexpectedly approached by a stranger. You will meet more people and be relaxed doing so. When you are a social success, you are in control and feel personal power and satisfaction.

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