“Love is just a hello away.”
Dr. Gallatin

You can see the perfect photo on a dating service, e-mail back and forth, talk over the computer while viewing the other party via video on your screen and still end up with little.

We live in an increasingly faceless society surrounded with uncertainty and strangers who are increasingly strange. The Internet offers many possibilities to make contact (from matchmaking services, blogs, and social networking) yet we find meeting difficult, frustrating, and not natural.

Lover Shopping® is Dr. Gallatin’s approach to “meeting naturally
wherever you happen to be, whether at a mall, a supermarket, a bar, at school, or a business meeting, regardless of your past or current situation and personal constraints.

Despite ones desire to connect, many opportunities are not exploited because of inner fear. AlwaysWin® Dr. Gallatin's latest book puts the end to the tyranny of rejection the greatest obstacle to approaching others thus allowing you to meet who you want wherever you happen to be.

“The best time to meet someone is when you see that person.”
Dr. Gallatin



























Lover Shopping®

The Lover Shopping Book®


“The Most Imaginative Idea of All”
─Susan Lucci, Emmy Award Winning Actress

Dr. Gallatin is the author of Lover Shopping® for Men and Women: How to Be Married One Year From Today. Lover Shopping® has gone through two editions and is out of print. The author intends to completely revise the book as his schedule permits, and has retitled the work Lover Shopping® for Men and Women: Find ’em and Keep ’em. An audio program will also be released.

He is the originator of “Singles Nights at the Supermarket” and "Lover Shopping® at Bloomingdale’s.” Susan Lucci, co-host of the ABC TV special “99 Ways to Attract the Right Man,” where his seminar was featured, said, “And now we go to New York City for Dr. Martin V. Gallatin’s seminar, Lover Shopping® at Bloomingdale’s, the most imaginative idea of all.”

Dr. Gallatin’s “meeting naturally” techniques will allow you, subtly and safely, to take advantage of any chance opportunity that comes along in your everyday life to meet a guy or gal who turns you on and you feel is “right for you.”

Quietly and comfortably, make one-on-one contact in a world on-the-run.
Discover Dr. Gallatin’s eight steps to getting married in a year or less.
Have dates, friendship, romance, companionship, or marriage.

Dr. Gallatin has lectured and led seminars at hundreds of singles groups and organizations from coast-to-coast.

Representative Groups and Organizations

P JCCs of Boston, New York, New Jersey, Hartford, Cleveland, and Miami
M Hunt Valley Mall
L Sutton Place Synagogue
K Fairleigh Dickinson University
J The Learning Annex
I   Sloan’s Supermarket
H Westport Unitarian Singles Group
G Nassau Community College
F Educational Alliance
E Temple Beth Sholom
D Port Washington Public Library

Popular Singles Program Topics

O Lover Shopping® for Men & Women: Find ’em and Keep ’em
B Making Yourself a Hit with the Opposite Sex
A Love Is Just a Hello Away™

All programs feature continuous audience involvement.

"When you beat rejection you will be touched a lot in ways that you want to be." –Dr. Gallatin

Thousands of successful singles have been entertained and informed at Dr. Gallatin’s programs.

An audio program will also be released.

Reviews and Comments, about the Authors Last Book
Lover Shopping® (selected)

“Contains more practical, down-to-earth suggestions on how to effectively date and mate than any other book I have read.”

–Albert Ellis, Ph.D., Executive Director, Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy

Psychology Today calls Dr. Albert Ellis the second most influential psychologist of the twentieth century.

“And now we go to New York City for Dr. Martin V. Gallatin’s seminar Lover Shopping® at Bloomingdale’s the most imaginative idea of all.”

–Susan Lucci from the ABC TV special “99 Ways to Attract the Right Man”

Book she has read twice “How to Be Married One Year from Today”

“Singles Try to Find Romance at Department Store” “Singles Rove Store’s Aisles for Romance”

– William E. Geist, The New York Times Metropolitan Report

First feature article on a singles seminar program “Lover Shopping® at Bloomingdale’s” in The New York Times.

Television Appearances (Selected)

Dr. Gallatin has been interviewed on the following shows:

Donahue; Oprah; Geraldo; Good Morning America; Sonya Live; Kelly and Company; Sun Raise San Diego; AM Cleveland; Twin Cities Live; ABC national special 99 Ways to Attract the right men (Susan Lucci and Tony Danza); Northwest Afternoon; Sonya Friedman Show; Joe Franklin Show; Today in New York; Good Day New York; Evening Magazine; NBC Noon News, Baltimore; Evening Magazine (Sara Edwards); People Are Talking; Home Show, L.A.; AM London; WNBC New York Live At Five (Chuck Scarborough, Connie Collins, Sue Simmons); News 4 New York; Morning Exchange; Cleveland, Morning Break; Good Company; PM Magazine; First Edition, America; WCBS The Morning News; The Regis Philbin Show; 60 Minutes (Morley Safer)


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